Food Tech
BYOD Self Ordering System

We prepared iOS version and Android version for consumers. You can download it free of charge.

Cloud POS System

Cloud POS system enables you to grasp sales situation in real time.

Web Food Management

You can manage products on the web.

Mobile Payment

You can use Visa, Master, American Express, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay.

Order Control Apps & Printer for Kitchen

We have prepared an order acceptance terminal app for the kitchen. You can also connect to a document printer. * Sold separately

Use at the Food Court, Fast Food, Full Service Restaurant

We developed FC / FF version and FSR version respectively. It can be used in any business format.

Foody Pocket Alliance (FPA) Common Point Program

Consumers who use Foody Pocket will receive common points. Consumers can convert points into electronic coupons and use them.

Foody Pocket Alliance (FPA) Common E-Coupon

You can use coupons converted from FPA points or sent from restaurants within Foody Pocket.

About Foody Pocket

Foody Pocket is a FOOD TECH platform developed to solve various problems that restaurant companies have with IT technology.
There is a serious shortage of restaurants, especially in developed and emerging countries.
Foody Pocket solves the unmet needs of the restaurant.We prepare BYOD self-order application (iOS, Android) for consumers and can download it free of charge. Consumers can use this app to place orders and make smartphone payments.
For restaurants, we provide a platform for a web-based cloud POS system and a product management system.
Restaurant companies can manage daily sales management, number of customers, average price per customer, etc. on the web basis, and can control menu contents by remote control.
In addition, the Foody Pocket Alliance (FPA) common points are earned, and any restaurant within the Alliance can be used.
In addition to resolving the shortage of human resources, we will further enhance the functions such as CRM tools and E-marketing tools in the future.
You must be a member of the Foody Pocket Alliance (FPA). Now, the launch campaign is underway, and the installation cost on the restaurant side is free.
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